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My name is Oyindamola Afolabi,this year i decided to gift my birthday to the indigent kids by sponsoring and raising a campaign to foster more support. It's heartbreaking to see our future drowning in the sea of hopelessness.I believe we can make a change

  • Send Children Back to School
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Join me Sponsor 500 kids with school kits

About this project

Over the years have noticed my love for kids generally and it concerns me a lot to see some of these heavenly gift to mankind on the hard streets of life, begging for food, struggling for shelter, seeking for love and hoping for the Future, just maybe there is hope for them.

But we are their hope, the hope they hope to see, I believe i am their hope, you are their hope and much faster; WE can be their hope. This message is for me first, i caught it,i am running with it and i hope to ignite the passion which is why we( the kids and i) are inviting you to be our guest on this one.

First we must understand that they are the future and the future is today. The future is today because nothing happen to us in the future that we have not influenced today. The children are fast becoming the leaders and/or terrorist of tomorrow. We all have the responsibility for what our world should be like. Government is what should happen to us first as individuals.

It is no longer acceptable for us to think these street kids are not our business because we have our business being schooled and sheltered nicely. God takes care of everyone even when he takes cares of his children very specially. I believe our neighbor's kids should concern us not just because one day they can influence our own children negatively but, because they have the right to right societal upbringing too. These are our neighbors, we see them all around. They are our business as well.

There is time now, Let's do this!!!

I believe WE CAN!

Yours' Lovingly

Oyindamola Afolabi.

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