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Let’s bless others with our abundant blessings. Help me make my birthday count for something greater this year by sponsoring the Inner City Mission for Children!

  • Send Children Back to School
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Raising Foundations

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In celebration of my birthday this year, I ask that you join me to secure a better future for indigent children as I sponsor them Back to School! Children are the future and the future is today. I say this because nothing happens in the future that has not been influenced by today. By sponsoring a child, you are helping to secure a brighter future for them. Your support in providing these children with the educational foundation they need to succeed will be invaluable. In lieu of any presents, cakes, or cards, please consider joining me to support this initiative. Just $100 can send a child back to school for an entire school term and $20 can help to sponsor a school kit with books, stationery, and supplies. If you are not able to make a donation, I would be grateful if you sent this link to friends, family, or co-workers that might be interested in helping me to reach my goal to provide assistance and send these children back to school. Thank you in advance for your giving and God bless you!

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