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Hi, My name is Dipo Popoola. And I have a passion for children that live in the inner cities and forgotten places of society. This Christmas, I believe we can make a difference is the life of indigent children, and I am looking at raising "200 Portions"

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Join me to Send 200 Portions

About this project

My name is Dipo Popoola, I am a documentary photographer, and this has given me the opportunity to witness firsthand the realities of children that live in  inner cities and forgotten places of society, their stories are indeed painful stories of extreme poverty and dejection.

But we can make a difference together this season. With as little as $5, Yes with $5, (N1000, R75 ) we can Send 200 Portions to children this Christmas, 

A Portion contains a pack of food, a drink and a little Christmas Gift for a Children. 

A Portion costs $5. 

Think about it, that's the same price of a bar of chocolate, yet it is enough to put a smile on a child's face this season. 

Join me to make the season something to shout about by logging on to the InnerCity Mission Fundraising Platform, and  support my campaign and you have successfully made Christmas for an Indigent Child.

100% of funds raised go straight to the InnerCity Mission's Send Portions Campaign. Make it Happen this season,

you will be glad you did! Every Child is your Child. Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

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  • Added a post I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has made this campaign a success so far. We are moving on and I still have 1 week left to raise the full funds needed. Thanks again for your support

    posted 6 years ago

  • Added a post WOW! IT'S A REALLY LONG LIST! But I need to say my that you made it happen for me on this campaign. Thank You so much

    posted 6 years ago

  • Added a post Here are pictures from the event.

    posted 4 years ago