Help me send 10 indigent children back to school!

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This project will be funded on 2023-02-03 00:00:00 PM WAT.

Help me make my birthday count for something greater this year by sponsoring the Inner City Mission for Children! Together, we can make an impact on their lives and ensure that these children can get an education and build a better future for themselves.

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Help me send 10 indigent children back to school!

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Hello, my name is Precious and for my birthday this year, I would like to sponsor 10 kids back to school. It is saddening to see young children whose parents cannot afford their education and basic needs. The importance of education in this day and time cannot be over-emphasized. It’s my utmost joy to see these kids get educated and build a solid future for themselves and their families. Join me today to make this a reality. It only cost $100 to sponsor a child. I’m so grateful for everyone as you help me send these kids back to school.

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