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Join me to sponsor 1200 portions for indigent children in commemoration of my birthday on the 24th of April. Your sponsorship would help save a child from the threat of hunger.

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  • Lusaka Zambia

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Become a beacon of hope Today

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In the latter end of 2022 in my walk in the streets of lusaka, I found many of the unknown orphanages in the Nation with a total of over 400 children in different places, started by people with a heart and love for children. In these areas I saw many unforgettable pictures of children in dire need, with many of them disabled, relying on whatever food is available for that day, around dirty water, dirty pit latrines, without electricity and access to education less to say food. But that was the beginning of my journey as I saw an opportunity to colour a life and be the change needed in the lives of many through innercity mission because within their tears I heard their cry to reach out to them! I come to realize, the greatest gifts are usually given to someone who may never be to pay you back thus which only God can! Let's all Join hands.

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