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This fund raiser is to provide food supply to children in orphanages/schools & children in families that have been affected by natural disasters. It's also to take action on the issue of hunger affecting indigent children and poor families

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Every year, millions of children die of hunger or malnutrition. This organization is a faith-based NGO that is all about ending the cycle of child poverty. Hunger remains the world’s most solvable problem and by giving just $2 you can render nutritious meals for needy children and families. This provides food security for families in vulnerable conditions daily. Join me in putting smiles on the faces of children by sponsoring meals on my special day. We can do more together. Children are God’s love-gift; they are heaven’s generous reward - Psalm 127:3 TPT Love has a touch, expressions. If every one of us contributes, then we are being the solution. We are taking a step. Not just with our words or thoughts but with our actions this time. Reaching out and sponsoring meals like this is like what Jesus said in Matthew 25:35-40...they were hungry and you gave them something to eat. You can do something. God bless you.

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