Time to Make a Change and Put a Smile on a Childs' face.

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All children deserve to go to school and have a beautiful life ahead of them. They deserve to get proper education and an ecual chance to a bright future. I support this great cause and i want you to support as well so that togheter we can make a REAL and

  • Send Children Back to School
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Time to Make a Change and Put a Smile on a Childs' face.

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It’s that time of the year again, where we come together as a team to sponsor indigent children back to school…. Guess what?????? It’s even more unique this year and we are so excited to unveil the “Mentor a Child Initiative”. What is the “Mentor a Child Initiative” you might ask???? Well, it is a wonderful opportunity for you our esteemed partners to send an indigent child in your community back to school through the InnerCity Mission Back to School Campaign. With $100 (USD) or €88, you can send a child in your community back to school. In doing this, you are giving a child reasons to not just dream again but to hope for a better future. You are also, relieving families who are financially trapped or have lost their means of livelihood as a result of natural or man-made disasters and can barely take care of their children. So what are you waiting for???? Join the InnerCity Mission today to put smiles on the faces of indigent children, one child at a time!!!

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