Let's Send out of School Child back to School





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Together, join us let's build the better AFRICA we desire for our children. Better strategies must be considered in the parenting way of the African community.

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Let's Send out of School Child back to School

About this project

We are raising funds of $500,000 between June - February, 2022, 2021 Action Plan As soon as the funds are arranged, our groups of volunteers will go to countries in Africa. We plan on beginning with 6 African countries (Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi and Burundi). Once settled, we set up the camps and run the following programs: 1. Service Centers: Set up service centers so that people requiring help can reach to us at any time. 2. Feminist Counselling training:  Organize a training on Feminist Counselling.  Improve abilities in dealing with issues related to females. 3. TV Awareness programs: Organize awareness programs on child abuse, how to prevent, prohibit and deal with such situations. Also addressing discrimination and violence against the rights of Children in both public and domestic spaces. 4. Interactive Sessions: Sessions on dealing with domestic violence and providing legal remedies. Also working with the police so people, especially children can reach out to them fearlessly. 5. Send the school drop out children back to school Support our Program today by - Sponsorship - Volunteering - Financial Contribution - Share our dream with your followers We are building an African community with the right mindset of equality, Love and God-fearing society Contact us Today to Support us Phone: 08091024290, 07062258655 Email: crip.africa@gmail.com Facebook: @cripafrica #supportcripafrica

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