Send Portions to deprived Children on my Birthday

by Lewis Monplaisir




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Celebrating birthdays means a lot to all of us however taking stock of those that are deprived of basic things like food and meeting their needs even makes our celebrations more fulfilling. Join me as we celebrate indigents kids by spreading love.

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Send Portions to deprived Children on my Birthday

About this project

Our celebrations are not complete until we spread love and inspire hope to indigent children. These kids are the future and while we prepare for our future, their future can also be illuminated by letting them know that we care. As I celebrate my birthday today, I encourage you to kindly join me in feeding 1000 kids for just $3 for each child. I would personally sponsor the meals of 100 children and having forces joined with you would make a remarkable impact in achieving this feat. Sponsor a meal for a child today, every child is your child.

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