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This cause is important to me because every child is entitled to an education. It should not be a privilege that only some are entitled to, it is something everyone should be able to have. Having an education puts you in a greater position to learn skills

  • Send Children Back to School
  • Kent, United Kingdom

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Back to School Campaign

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Hello my name is Kobe Emelonye and I am the current Miss Kent Great Britain 2018/19. Making a difference in not only my life but the lives of others is something that I am very passionate about. I have taken it upon myself to be the UK Ambassador of this amazing charity called the Inner City Mission who support many children and their families in all areas of their life that is affected by poverty. My main focus will be getting children an education and providing them with essentials to give them the best start in life. All children deserve to have an education and deserve to dream and aspire to their dreams. Education should not only be something that children are entitled to in rich companies. I want to support as many children as possible get school materials for this academic year as well as paying for as many students as possible to start school in September 2019. Please join me in this worthy mission as we change lives and make an impact in our world. Thank you Kobe Emelonye

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