Education for Every Child

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My Birthday is on November 28 and I wanted to do something special for children. Why not gift my birthday by paying for children to get free uniforms and books at school? Also, why not give my friends, well-wishers and family an opportunity to be a part?

  • Send Children Back to School
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Education for Every Child

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Growing up, I had cousins, uncles, aunts, parents and neighbors who always looked out for me and helped in bringing me up. I could graduate from college with out taking loans because I had financial donors and family who made it happen. In May 2019, I will be graduating from The Johns Hopkins University with a Masters in Engineering Management and will not have to worry about loan repayment because I had donors who made it happen. I'm thankful everyday and wanted to celebrate my 26th birthday by gifting free education for 1 year for 3 children in Sierra Leone. Just because....Every Child is Your Child.

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