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Every child deserves an education, you and I can make it happen for them. We can make it a better world for them with $100 per child. That journey starts from now.

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Send Children Back to School

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Every child is an answer to a world's problem if given the vital tool of education. In Africa millions of children don't attend primary school and this must change. Every child deserves a quality education. A child without education is vulnerable to be a perpetrator of social vices, this is why I want you to join me and sponsor a child back to school with just a $100. You can sponsor more than a child. Your organization can sponsor more than 10 children. I am looking at us sponsoring at least 100 children back to school at the end of this campaign (i.e $5,000). $50 in two months is $100, which will sponsor a child back to school. Let's invest in a child before 25th of December 2019, let's put a smile on a child's face, knowing he or she will get an education in 2020. Let's take them off the street and put them in school to give them a meaningful future. You and I are the change agent and we can make the difference. Thank you for being a part of this project, God bless.

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