U.S.A.Group 3 'Back to School' Campaign

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We're partnering with the InnerCity Mission to send children back to school and end the cycle of poverty and illiteracy that plagues many countries in Africa.

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U.S.A.Group 3 'Back to School' Campaign

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Education is the right of every child and not just the privilege of the fortunate few. However, some kids will not return back to school due to reasons such as war, natural disasters, financial constraints and death of bread winners in their families. Members of BLW USA Group 3 have partnered with the Inner City Mission to send 50 children back to school It costs only $100 to send a child in our target nations (Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, etc) back to school for an entire year, covering their tuition, uniform and stationery for that period. We are calling on you to join us by sponsoring, at least 1 child back to school. God bless you!

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