Join HVN UK Chapter to Sponsor 200 Water and Hygiene Kits

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Lack of access to adequate drinking water and poor hygiene is a major challenge in Internally Displaced Persons Camps. Children go days without having proper baths because they can't afford basic hygiene tools such as "bathing soap"

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Join HVN UK Chapter to Sponsor 200 Water and Hygiene Kits

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Lack of access to clean water, proper sanitation and poor hygiene are some of the principle causes of deaths worldwide, especially amongst poor families. We can prevent disease and save lives through simple interventions. This year the InnerCity Mission is committed to improving lives, delivering simple health solutions to the indigent that will improve their access to clean drinking water and basic hygiene tools. Join the Humanitarian Volunteer Network (HVN) UK Chapter to commemorate the forth coming World Water Day on 22nd March as InnerCity Mission distribute clean water kits and Hygiene kits to 1 million indigent children and their households in IDP Camps , inner-city communities, community schools and in other locations. You can help provide a gift bundle of a Clean water kit and Hygiene kit for $15. These easy health solutions would save the lives of millions, especially in areas where medicare is inaccessible.

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